Lumi is a company that specializes in vibrant and safe hair dyes for those wanting to change up their look. No more going to the salon for every touch up when you can do it right at home! The company's goal is to bring confidence into their consumers’ lives and to encourage hair dyeing as a simple way of updating one's look. This catalog showcases models with true to life hair color in monochromatic fashion. It also features a step by step guide to dyeing hair for the uninitiated.
Do it yourself
As someone who has damaged their hair multiple times for the sake of beauty and has fielded questions like "How does the dye show up on your black hair?" and "Doesn't hair dye damage your hair?", I wanted to focus on my passion for hair color and channel it into an informative catalog. Coloring hair is a realm that many people are shy to explore and are often misinformed about. Even one of my models was unaware that using vegetable dyes like Manic Panic (this message is not sponsored) were totally safe and non-damaging.

Vegetable based hair dyes, now available in all kinds of unnatural colors, do not damage your hair as bleach would. Here at Lumi, beauty does not mean pain! They have a conditioning effect and it's safe to leave them in hair for long hours, even overnight. Of course, I'm not an expert and this doesn't apply to all hair products. Dye at your own risk!
process + outcome
Prior to this project, I had dyed my hair a couple of different colors. Having natural black hair made the process of transitioning to platinum blonde not the easiest thing in the world. (I envy those with natural blonde hair.) Instead of going to the professionals and paying them good money to handle a very visible characteristic of mine, I started the journey of bleaching my hair. Of course, there were some unsavory outcomes.

With unnatural hair colors growing ever popular and more people jumping on the bright or pastel hair train, I wanted to synthesize all that I had learned from my baby hairdresser days into this hair dye catalog. Changing your hair color is a big change but it's one that I think everyone can embrace, no matter what color hair they were born with. It's fun and exciting to change up your style and say hello to someone new in the mirror. 

My love of portrait photography and passion for fun hair dye truly united in this catalog. I sourced models from friends and classmates, looking for individuals with hair of primary colors. When I had lizard green hair, I started incorporating more similarly colored pieces into my wardrobe, inspiring me to go for monochromatic photoshoots with this project. The playful illustration style shows that your hair color has endless possibilities for fun and adventure.
No hair models were harmed in the making of this catalog. Much thanks to Fidan Zeynalova, Savannah Kroop, and Manta Coffey!

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