Dating simulators, or dating sims for short, are a popular genre of games in Japan where the player's experience depends on the choices they make in the story. Games include a variety of characters to pursue, leading to different endings based on how you want to proceed. Good ends are the typical you get with the girl kind of story. Bad ends can vary from the player dying at the hands of your beloved or maybe vice versa.

In this particular game, your objective as a college student is to romance girls of the automated kind. The primary focus of this project was the character design and fleshing out their robotic personalities. Powered by Mountain Dew and a lot of brainstorming sessions to think of witty robot puns.
process + outcome
This project began with a particular prompt: think of an alternate future scenario. I dug my brain for questions like what if we colonized the moon? What if dinosaurs were domesticated? Ultimately, I wanted to answer the question: what if artificial intelligence could process human emotions like love? And so my robot dating sim came to be born.

Video games are not an integral part of my life, but I do find great inspiration in the ones I have come to appreciate, like Animal Crossing, Katamari Damacy, and most relevant to this work, Hatoful Boyfriend. The concept is outright strange, as you play a human going to school with other pigeons in a world where birds have become the prevalent species on earth with their superior intelligence. But that's the whole appeal of the game, right? To take a funny gimmick and create a great story from it.

Why robot girls? I love to draw cute girls. That's all.

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